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Pay with an online casino’s device.

Prior to the introduction of iDeal, you could also make a payment in the online world of the casino where you wanted to play. The casino had an online payment system from which you could make a transfer to the casino. The money was credited to the account until it arrived at the online casino, which might take a few days. Many people have made mistakes in this region. There was a lot of harassment and there were few other options for transferring money to an online casino account. It was simple to claim that the money had never arrived, but this could not be proven. It was much more common for the payment system to be intentionally jammed, resulting in the payment being debited from the bank account but not credited to the account. It was still possible to do this through the internet at the time. Of course, this is no longer feasible in today’s world. With the introduction of iDeal, all of that changed. Money did not need to be moved in the casino’s online environment; instead, iDeal could be used. For more info click here.

iDeal is a service provided by your own bank.

iDeal is owned by the Currence corporation, but it can also be purchased from your own bank. The above-mentioned Dutch banks participate in iDeal, which means that iDeal will open in your own bank’s iDeal programme. This is why you must always specify which bank you are visiting. Then and only then will iDeal be available. As a result, when you pay with iDeal, you’re paying through your own bank, which makes it much more safe. This, of course, meant that the iDeal casinos quickly became extremely successful. Hundreds of payments are made every day in iDeal casinos in the Netherlands. When you compare your personal iDeal programme to the iDeal programme used by someone with a different bank, it’s obvious the iDeal belongs to your own bank. Of course, if you have two accounts at two different banks, you can test this as well. The iDeal programmes vary from one another, but they are essentially the same.

Belgium’s legal framework

As previously mentioned, iDeal was created specifically for Dutch citizens, but this does not rule out the possibility that the concept would be implemented elsewhere. The popularity of iDeal in Belgium did not go unnoticed. Our neighbours use BanContact Mister Cash, a similar service offered by our own banks. This one is also known as Mr. Cash is the most popular mode of online payment used by Belgians. GiroPay is a payment system used in Germany. This is the same thing as iDeal.

How does using iDeal to pay in an online casino work?

It’s really easy to use iDeal. You go to the website where you can deposit money. Then you choose iDeal as your payment method. You may be required to specify the amount you wish to deposit in advance, but this can only be accomplished later in the iDeal programme. You will then be taken away from the online casino and to your own bank’s iDeal. You can make a payment here in the same way as you can in a web shop using iDeal. If you do this, you will almost always receive an immediate message instructing you to return to the online casino. You will see the sum deposited in your account as soon as you return there. click here to know about casino.

There will be no more waiting in an iDeal casino.

It was possible that you were going to move money to the casino today, but it was only deposited into your account the day after tomorrow before iDeal arrived in the online casino. It’s really inconvenient and if you want to play right now, you don’t want to have to wait for two days. This is no longer possible with iDeal in an online casino. The money you deposit with iDeal is always credited to your casino account right away.